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Florists Choice Bedded Wreath

Colour of Arrangement
Ribbon Colour
Personalised Ribbon
  • On receipt of your flower arrangement, top up the container with water. Keep topped up as flowers drink water. Keep the arrangement away from drought, sunlight and radiators. The cooler the room, the longer the flowers will last. Remove blooms as they fade. Contact your florist as soon as possible.


    Caring for your roses


    On receipt of your roses remove the packaging with care.


    Bouquet of roses:


    Remove 1” from the stem end with a sharp knife and cut on the angle. Do not use scissors or crush the stem – this prevents the rose taking up water. Stand in a deep vase filled with water and add the flower food.


    Hand tied bouquet of roses:


    Do not untie your flowers, cut the stems as above and stand in a case of water with the flower food added. Change water in the vase at least once a week. If the roses head flops cut off the stem as above and stand the rose in 1” of boiling water as soon as possible. Keep the roses away from droughts, fruit and radiators, the cooler the room the longer they will last.

25-29 Park Parade
Leigh Park

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